Our buildings are generally not sustainable.  Why not?  We put up with discomfort, ill health, and high power bills. Not good for us.  Not good for the planet.  Here are 7 things you don’t have to put up with in your next home.

Our free pdf gets you thinking: 7 things you don’t have to put up with in your next home


Is your home too hot in summer?

  • Having trouble keeping the heat out?
  • Is your aircon working overtime?

Too cold in the winter?

  • Is it drafty?
  • Is your heater on all the time in winter?

Would you prefer a house with…

House that isn't too hot

House that isn't too cold

  • Constant comfort all year round?
  • No hot or cold spots?
  • No drafts?
  • A simple unit to refresh air and control temperatures?
  • No central heating?
  • Minimise or eradicate aircon?

The Podhouse® is the ultimate low energy eco building:

The first passivhaus in Darmstadt, Germany.
  • Ultimate energy efficient performance
  • Low energy and sustainable building – Passivhaus
  • With a passive house you don’t need central heating – just a ventilation system and in colder areas maybe a small heater – proven to work in German winters!
  • With a passive house you have less cooling needs – in some climates no aircon – other climates reduced use
  • No other sustainability standard provides this level of comfort and fresh air
  • The Passive House Institute says space heating and cooling savings are between 75 and 90%

At Superpod® we believe that truly sustainable building design:

  • gives you a comfortable space to live in without costing the earth
  • achieves all the goals of any eco, green or passive solar building and more.

Passive house is international and voluntary, carefully engineered, achieving standards far higher than most building codes.


At Superpod®, we believe it’s time to maintain comfort inside our buildings without compromising our earth.