Passive house is

  • The most energy efficient building system
  • An integrated eco-system of principles and parts
  • Minimising energy use
  • Responding to different climate zones
  • Based on building engineering principles
  • Based on scientific (physics) principles
  • Devised by Dr Wolfgang Feist (Germany) and Professor Bo Adamson (Sweden) in the early 1990’s
  • Tested on tens of thousands of homes and buildings throughout the world.

Passive house is designed to

  • Consistently maintain comfortable internal temperatures
  • Consistently refresh the internal air supply
  • Dramatically reduce the building’s heating and cooling requirements
  • Significantly reduce our energy use, and consequently
  • Reduce our power bills.

The building physics calculations and analyses are meticulous

Superpod® performance

At Superpod® we believe that you can’t start talking about sustainability until you deal with the performance of the building envelope itself. Superpod® is based on the international passive house standard, which requires these elements as part of the building technology:

  • Extremely high performing and continuous insulation in walls, floor and roof
  • Extremely high performing windows
  • Reduced thermal bridges so that heat and cold can’t travel efficiently in and out of the house
  • A very well sealed building
  • An air ventilation system which provides constant fresh air throughout the building and comfortable temperatures all year round
  • External shading in some (particularly hot) climates

Passive houses are powerful

A passive house keeps the inside constant.

Active houses use up power

A typical house leaks air and temperature randomly

Passive House is the core of what we do…

Passive Houses are different from other sorts of “eco” or “passive solar” houses. Passive house is the very best regarding any building’s energy efficiency and power demand. Every part of the building is not only designed and considered, but must also be thermally measured, analysed and performance tested (post construction) as a matter of course. It’s no good claiming things with words and philosophies alone, Passive House certification demands proof of performance!

Multi residential

Super-comfortable, superior apartment living


Green Star rated commercial buildings

Small homes and modular builds

Best performance in studios, granny flats, tiny transportables, modular additions

Controlled environments

Scientific work, farming, research, and extreme climatic conditions