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Superpod®: the unique Australian approach to sustainable buildings

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Small modular homes with low running costs

Superpod® is a high quality solution for temporary or permanent accommodation. Our design ensures stable temperatures and energy efficiency all year round.

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Accredited commercial buildings

Sustainable solutions for energy efficient facades. Our design system is adaptable and scalable for commercial and industrial applications

Commmercial facades

Controlled environments

Superpod® is a reliable system based on Passivhaus methodology.

The problem with traditional building

Have you ever complained about poor comfort and high power bills in your home or office? Superpod® offers a solution for your next building project. It’s called Passivhaus, and it’s based on a German program that uses physics to design buildings. It produces comfortable, healthy buildings with low power bills, no drafts, and no condensation or mould. Very sensible.

Why Superpod®?

We have a patented system that complies with the Passivhaus program. It’s more comfortable, nurturing and healthy for people and the environment… with lower power bills. Superpod® is based on the International Passive House Standard and can be modular, prefab or site-built. Our system is pre-designed, lean, avoids waste during construction, and is very fast to build. Superpod® is smart, sensible, and based on science.

More about Passivhaus design keys

Click here to get your A2 poster that explains the 5 keys of Passivhaus design in a way you can understand.

What it feels like in a Superpod® building

The house is really comfortable – makes you realise how poorly designed so many of our houses are in terms of energy efficiency.

Ann, Australia – 2019

The temperature inside was always comfortable.

Anh, Canada – 2018

We happened to be staying on a 40 degree day. The house remained a very comfortable temperature
throughout the day. We barely noticed it, which is a testament to how well the home has been built.

Sarah, Australia – 2018

The temperature was spot on perfect inside 100% of the time – loved it!

Rhianon, Australia – 2018

Something we all liked was the open space plan and the fact that it was very comfy temperature
throughout the night.

Andreas – 2015

When our son stays here, his snoring disappears!

Jen, Melbourne – 2018

When I stayed in the pod, my asthma cleared up as soon as I walked in the door.

Raj, Melbourne – 2017