• Sustainable building design means low energy
  • In cold weather a 40 sqm Podhouse® will need either no active heating or at most a 400 W heater!
  • Engineered to the Passive House (Passivhaus) Standard
  • Imported triple or double glazed windows which don’t rot or rust or need replacing every 10 or so years
  • Insulation two or three times more than the building code
  • Tested for airtightness so you don’t leak air
  • Very fast build (try 4-6 weeks for an 80 sqm site built Podhouse® instead of 6-9 months for typical construction)
  • Comfortable temperatures and healthy clean air filtered through an air ventilation unit
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Long life materials – low maintenance – you don’t even need plaster!
  • Tiny energy consumption
  • Easy to go “off the grid”


  • Get a simple movable Podhouse® delivered to your block (6.6m x 3.3m with optional kitchenette and bathroom)
  • Sure beats a traditional ‘cabin’ or granny flat which freezes in winter and boils in summer
  • Use our façade system to build a certified Passive House building
  • We’ve done all the hard design work with our international team so you don’t have to!



  • Clean modernist design – a blank slate for your own interior design
  • Exposed steel frame for a quality architectural look
  • Quality shines through
  • Lasting finishes – prepainted steel walls, and Upvc window frames

Low energy

  • Heating or cooling demand not to exceed 15kWh per year OR 10W peak demand per square metre.
  • That means a 40 sqm podhouse® can stay warm either by itself,
  • or on the coldest times of year, with only a 400W heater.  Can you even get a heater that small?
  • Primary energy demand not to exceed 120 kWh per sqm per year for all appliances and hot water.
  • Temperatures around 20 degrees, not to exceed 25 degrees more than 10% of the year.

Health benefits

  • A controlled environment which is sealed (while windows can also be opened), PLUS
  • Prevention of condensation and mould through proper insulation and no thermal bridges, PLUS
  • Ventilation system which retains heat when needed but extracts stale contaminated air and replaces it with fresh filtered air 24/7, PLUS
  • Draft free living, with even temperatures throughout, PLUS
  • Comfortable temperatures managed naturally, without stuffy heating or cold aircon systems

Get a podhouse

Superpod® can help you get an innnovative new podhouse® starting at 20 sqm for a weekender, granny flat, movable home, people with health issues, people with disabilities, remote location.

Email us at to find out how

Design & consultation

Superpod® is a fully integrated building system so your next commercial office, public centre, childcare or health industry building can have low energy consumption levels that you’ve likely never encountered.

Email us at to engage us for consultancy and licensing of our patent pending design.