Melbourne has a few Passive House Standard buildings.Melbourne could easily adopt the first passive house building

On the way from Melbourne to Darmstadt we stop briefly in Dubai.

Greetings from Dubai airport.

Travelling makes you think more about weather. Here it’s in the thirties. I bet the airport isn’t an energy efficient passive house design!

We’re heading for Milan to see the Salone – biggest furniture fair in the world. Can’t wait to see the world’s best cutting edge designs. I wonder what will be their take on sustainable design?

Eventually we will make it to Darmstadt. The International Passive House Conference. And talks on the world’s best building design standard.

It will be inspiring. We will come back to Melbourne full of good ideas. And I can’t wait to meet Dr Wolfgang Feist and see the first certified passive house building in the world (again).  Here’s a little interview with Dr Feist.

Last time I went to a Passive House Conference outside Australia was in New York. It showed me how we are part of a growing international community.

In Australia we keep hearing that passive house is irrelevant. Not true. It’s so relevant.

All sorts of incorrect messages are spread in order to justify poor building standards in Australia and elsewhere.  In Melbourne, Victoria, even U values of windows are subjected to confusing descriptions of the science.  But physics is the same everywhere, and passive house is just as relevant in Melbourne, Australia, as it is in Germany.

Our Superpod® talk will be about passive house in warm (or less cold) climates. From Melbourne, Australia, to Darmstadt, Germany.

What fun.

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