Small homes can be uncomfortable. Drafty, vulnerable to extreme temperatures, and expensive to heat and cool. But with Superpod®, you can achieve year round draft-free comfort, with much lower power bills. 

You can easily go off the grid, if you like, because your energy needs will be so minimal.

That’s because we design our buildings using this 3d exterior visualization and a physics program from the International Passive House Institute – your building is aimed to comply with the International Passive House Standard, and, after installation, can even receive a Certificate from the Institute!

Don’t be fooled, though. Superpod’s quality and durability is not comparable with cheaper forms of construction, like the one published here. Triple glazed windows are just the start – the quality and toughness of these windows is incredible. Super insulation, clever design, and careful construction details are part of the Superpod® package.

And every Superpod® building is customised for your site, your climate, and your orientation. Otherwise how can the Passivhaus performance be optimised?

If you want the best for the climate as well as yourself, it’s worth giving us a look.  We are the only company in Australia, and one of the few in the world, offering a modular, prefab solution which is designed to the International Passive House Standard.

If you want real quality with low power bills, then a Passivhaus by Superpod® is for you.

More about our small home options and floor plans here.

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5 Keys to the Passive House Standard are the essence of our designs