We have an exciting range of options for your modular passive house. With worldwide patents and design to the International Passive House Standard, how could you do better?

Robindale Single Pod


The Robindale is a truly unique option for tiny house or studio living with our unique modular passive house design. At around 29 sqm, it’s the smallest passive house we offer. Let your imagination take you into the small world of Robindale – special, apparently delicate, but tough as nails so that you can live in comfort, safety, and health for a long time to come.

Your next small home could be the Robindale passive house by Superpod®. Contact us now to see how we can help you!

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Northaven Elevation


The Northaven is luxury in a small to mid-sized package. For you, it could be “the perfect fit”. Designed for true passivhaus performance, with the option of a clever kitchen and bathroom, incorporating our filtered, air ventilation unit from Europe and meeting all Passive House Standard requirements.

The Northaven is an amazing option for a small home or studio living with our unique, modular, passive house design. With an external envelope of 56 sqm, it’s suitable for two people (and even a baby)!

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Specs & inclusions

Typical specifications and inclusions for your very own passive house modular building are available now. Of course, the details will be fine tuned once we look at your block, your climate zone and orientation.

From this typical list you can start to see how truly unique we are. Who else offers you a predesigned passive house modular building like this?

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