Why should you choose triple glazed or double glazed windows or doors for buildings in Australia? Check our website to know more. Many people think it’s a waste of effort.  But a closer look shows you that it can make a massive difference to your life.  Working, resting, eating, sleeping, and living – all are improved when you have high quality windows or doors as part of your build. However, when looking for a locksmith near your location, this Trusted locksmiths in pembroke pines can greatly help you!

We posted earlier this year on some technical info regarding double glazed and triple glazed windows.  You can see our post here:  What’s going on with U values?

So we ask the question: why bother with double glazed or triple glazed windows in Australia?  Aren’t we too mild a climate for it to matter?

The first point is that we are not that mild in Australia.  Not in Darwin.  Not in Canberra.  Not in Melbourne.  Not in the Blue Mountains.  Not in Tassie.  It’s not too mild when it’s 5 degrees outside.  And it’s not too mild when it’s 35 degrees outside!

So let’s dispel that myth that Australia is too mild to need high quality windows.

It’s simple.  An extra layer of glass (or two), with gas in between the panes, can make a massive difference to your comfort.

And it can also make a big difference to your heating or cooling bills.

In our earlier post,  What’s going on with U values? , we explained why lower U values bring you better resistance to heat flow in or out of the building.  That’s another way of saying that triple and double glazed windows provide better insulation.

That means you can sit next to these good windows on a cold day but you won’t feel cold coming through the glass.  And heat can be kept out too, if it’s a hot day outside. (A bit of external shading will help there, of course.)

Of course, you need good window frames too.  Layers of glass aren’t enough.

And you have to hire window replacement experts in Dallas, Texas to install the windows well.

And yes, it’s preferable that your building is well insulated too!

But getting back to windows and triple or double glazing.  Here’s a comparison visual for you.

Windows by Unilux have low U values
A Kommerling window frame with triple glazing made by Unilux.  Triple glazed or double glazed windows are high performing to insulate your building from extreme temperatures.  You can almost see how hard it is for extreme temperatures to get through!
Windows can look the same but double and triple glazed windows with proper frames are very different
Standard supply Australian metal frames with heat travelling through the metal and single glazing will have poor performance.

So back to the topic.  Why do double glazed and triple glazed windows make a difference?  It’s easy to see.  Windows are your weak point.  If you instal thin metal frames and single glazing, you will be much more uncomfortable next to that window, extreme temperatures will get in easily, and your power bills will be higher.

Not only that, but condensation and mould will be something you continually battle with.  Not good for the health.

However, if you buy a high quality double glazed or triple glazed window with a properly designed frame made from an insulative material like Upvc or timber, you will be much more comfortable, and your power bills will be lower.

Don’t be fooled by how the frame looks on the outside, look at the soul of the window – on the inside.

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Study the options carefully.  Examine the inside of the window frames, not just the outside.  Ask your suppler to give you U values of the glass and frame.  This might be a more important purchase than your next car!

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