Studio podhouse called the LilliputStudio podhouse by Superpod

Cute, isn’t she, this little studio?

The Lilliput.  A tiny studio podhouse® by Superpod®.

Tiny footprint.  High comfort.

She has a tiny footprint.  But big intentions.  Better comfort, better health, better for you, better for the planet.

She’s fast to build, and very adaptable.  She can be transported in as a prefab pod, or built on site.  Whatever suits you.

We’ve put a lot of work into designing her, and unlike other cookie cutter building designs, she has to be customised for your site.

Why?  Because she wants to be a certified passive house.  That means if you’re in Sydney, she needs to be clothed a little differently than if you’re in Hobart, or Melbourne, or Canberra, or Perth.

And if she’s facing the sun, she needs different protection, depending on whether it gets hot or not in that area.  Perhaps she wants to embrace the sun, and allow people inside the studio to be perfectly warm.  On the other hand, she might want to block out the sun, to allow her occupants to stay nice and cool.

Still, she might be in a mercurial climate.  One that changes all the time.

If that’s the case, she wants to be able to choose whether to let in the sun or not.  Usually she will do this with external blinds or shutters.

Of course external blinds are not a new thing.  They are just common sense, really.  But for some reason, you don’t see many external blinds these days on buildings.

Passive House Lilliput can be Certified

So all of this, using our design expertise, using the Passive House building physics program, using experts, and a careful builder to wrap her up nicely, can get you a tiny certified passive house.

And if you don’t know why your building is worth certifying, check out more info here.

We’re proud of her.

Studio meaning

By the way, it’s sometimes fun to look up the meaning of words we use all the time.  Studio according to the Oxford Living Dictionary means:

– a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.
“mostly the painting is done in the studio, working from drawings”
Synonyms include workshop, workroom, and atelier.
The feeling that the word “studio” invokes is a good, creative one.  The studio is a place where you want to go.  It’s a kind of retreat.  That means it’s a place where you can go to be by yourself, to think, to dream, to work, and to create.
Consider one painting which evokes all sorts of emotions called “The Artist’s Studio” by Courbet.  “It’s the whole world coming to me to be painted”, he said.  While the studio allows you to retreat, it also allows you to engage, and re-engage, with the world.
And if you’re comfortable, how much better can you do those things?

Here’s the brochure.  Email us on or use the contact form on this site to get your studio podhouse®, the Lilliput.  Download her card here: the  Lilliput Podhouse

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