Superpod® is excited to be hosting an open house for International Passive House Day on Sunday 9 November, 2014. The Superpod® podhouse® in Wonthaggi will be open from 10 am to 2 pm. If the weather is cold you will feel the amazing difference that a passive house makes! If the weather is around 20 degrees well that’s the temperature inside anyway!

This is part of International Passive House Day where passive houses across the globe are open to the public – passive houses are the best in low energy building designs.

The Superpod® podhouse® is the only house in Australia registered for this event. And it appears to be the first house in Australia ever to be showing at this event. Before Superpod® registered for this event in October 2014, you could not select “Australia” from the drop down menu on the International Passive House website.

Not only that, it appears that Superpod® has built the first predominantly steel passive house in the world too. The drop down menu on the entry form had no option to select steel. Timber, concrete, brick, yes. But no steel.

The only Australian international entry on the passive house database

Superpod® also set up a Facebook event

What’s more, Australia is hosting the G20 in November and climate change is not on the agenda. Prime Minister Abbott has not pressed to include it in the discussions. But it is clear that our climate will continue to change, and it is clear that humans are contributing to global warming, no matter what attention is given to it in meetings (or not). Countries around the world agree that we need to act fast and be serious to mitigate climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has clear and overwhelming conclusions based on the scientific knowledge we have.
30-40% of our global emissions are caused by heating and cooling inefficient buildings? The rest of the world wants to mitigate climate change. Building low energy efficient buildings worldwide is one step we can take. That’s why Brussels and South Korea, for example, have mandated passive house buildings going forward.

A building complying with the International Passive House Standard results in a saving of up to 90% of typical house energy use.

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