You choose when to open the windowsOpen the windows of your passive house, just like opening the lid of your ice cream box

Ventilate your modular home with Superpod®

Open the windows in your Superpod® modular home, and let in the fresh air.

Well-designed buildings have effective ventilation.

At Superpod®, we include good ventilation measures, just like any certified passive house building.

Sometimes people are confused because passive house buildings need to be well sealed.  They think that well sealed means without fresh air.  They even ask if you can open the windows in a passive house.  Of course you can, and you should!

Generally, passive house residential buildings have opening windows, just like standard homes, such as the ones listed on Florida Value Homes. The need to seal up your passive house does not mean the house cannot breathe.

On the contrary, the passive house breathes properly.  It breathes more, and more effectively, than many standard homes.

That is because you have a ventilation unit as well as normal opening windows.  And it’s also due to the sealed envelope.  You have control of your ventilation.

Why seal our modular passive house?

When you decide not to open the windows, you want your house to be protected against hot days or cold nights.

Many things need to be sealed. Like icecream. When we want to control an environment to protect something, or to keep it stable, or to keep it fresh, we generally need to seal it.

Even if we decide to open the container (when it suits us), we need to seal it easily when we want to control the indoor environment.

If you don’t seal the icecream container, the icecream will melt.

If your home is not sealed, the hot air will get inside in hot weather.

In cold weather, the heat you produce with a heater will escape through your unsealed modular home.

Whether you are building a house, office building, hospital or school, you need to control the environment so as to save on energy. We should seal them all so that we can keep out unwanted cold air or hot air.

Even though we can choose to open windows when it’s nice outside.

What if you decide not to open the windows?

You need a properly designed ventilation system in a passive house building.  And when the windows are closed, you will always have ventilation through a mechanical ventilation unit, like the ones offered at

It’s simple, low energy, and effective.

In a properly designed passive house, you seal up the building AND plan for ongoing ventilation at the same time.

Ventilation is partly achieved by opening the windows and letting in the fresh air.  You always have the choice to open the windows – it’s up to you!

So how is a Superpod® modular home different from other modular homes in Australia?

There are many differences between a Superpod® modular home and other modular homes in Australia.

Both types of houses have opening windows.

But the Superpod® passive house (certified by the Passive House Institute) is an airtight building, modelled using physics, and ventilated with mechanical units where needed.

You’ll get the optimum comfort with minimum power consumption with Superpod®.

Superpod® is a new approach to life and living

If you want to change the way you design, purchase and live in buildings, we can help you. If you want comfort and health instead of mould, drafts, high power bills, being too hot and too cold, we can help. If you want your building to be really sustainable, rather than just tacking on a few solar panels, we can help.

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