What does true luxury mean?

We love the idea of a luxurious space to live and work in.  But what does luxury really mean?  Is it just about the finishes and surfaces? All too often, glossy surfaces cover poor quality construction details. Details that you can’t see.

True luxury is about the quality of the building you live in. How well it stands up to the scrutiny of the hot sun, or the blistering cold wind. Whether it is carefully constructed so as to avoid drafts, condensation, or even mould.  

In a Passivhaus by Superpod®, you can see the quality in the triple glazed windows. But there’s so much more in this building that you can’t even see. Quality construction detailing, super-insulation, airtightness with a quiet ventilation system all year round. But what you can’t see, you can feel.

The quality of your building will be felt in the cocoon-like temperatures with fresh, filtered air which keeps pollens and pollution outdoors.

And knowing that your carbon footprint is small means that the luxury you feel is a luxury the earth can afford.

This truth and this feeling can only happen with a Passivhaus.  And that’s what Superpod® brings. 

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