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How is a Washing Machine Like a Building?

Washing machines are supposed to work.  To make our lives easier.  To clean things.  To keep things fresh.

Houses can do the same.

Washing machines can be cheap, faulty, with short lives and bad tempers.

So can houses.

Next time you design or build a house, get one that’s “built to last”!  And with a passive house, you can even get a building that cleans air and keeps it fresh.

Superpod® is a new approach to life and living

If you want to change the way you design, purchase and live in buildings, we can help you. If you want comfort and health instead of mould, drafts, high power bills, being too hot and too cold, we can help. If you want your building to be really sustainable, rather than just tacking on a few solar panels, we can help.

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