A'Design Awards Silver for our Pende table

High Quality Design.  What does it mean?  How do you achieve it?

One of the reasons for the successful ongoing collaboration between Harry Strouzas and Fiona McKenzie, is that we both think attention to detail is crucial for success, and necessary for a design to be high quality.

We don’t shy away from hard work.

Fiona’s legal background, and Harry’s finance and accounting background, have trained each of us in the nitty gritty.  And Harry added to his cv with more work in making and then designing fine furniture (see Harry’s cv here.)

But, of course, the work involved in design is its own training ground.  Constantly learning and improving as you insist that the design (which nobody said could be achieved) will work.

With our Superpod® passive house design, we were told that it would not work.  That it was not possible to do passive house so fast, and without traditional layers upon layers.  We pressed through the objections and obstructions, and achieved one of the first certified passive house buildings in Australia.  Now our patent has been allowed in the United States.  Yes, it is recognised as an invention.

And they said it couldn’t be done.

Now, Harry’s attention to detail in our quality furniture design and production is receiving international recognition.  It is well deserved.  Two German awards (German Design Award nominee, and German Innovative Interiors Selection), and now the coveted Italian A’Design Awards.

And with the Pende table, too, they said that what he wanted to achieve, couldn’t be done.  But he pressed on through the objections and obstructions, and now the Awards and recognition (on top of registered designs and patent pending), are acknowledging his achievement.

Read Harry’s blog on the latest Award here: PodMarket Design Award Blog

We produce quality products whether it be furniture (see our sister website podmarket.com.au), or certified passive house buildings.

And the kind of attention to detail you see in the Award winning Patent pending Pende table, is the kind of attention to detail you don’t see in our passive house buildings.  It will be there, and Harry will have drawn it.

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Collaboration is needed on so many levels to bring about good designs and make them available for people to use and enjoy.  We look  forward to more collaborations around the world.  We can save others from having to design those pesky details that are needed for a beautiful, functional product.  We can rely on others to do their part in the production team.

We can’t do everything on our own.  Nobody can!  But we can all contribute our abilities and gifts as best we can.

High Quality Design Recognised
A’Design Awards Silver for our Pende table

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