Superpod® provides the controlled environment you need, whether you are 

  • conducting scientific research
  • performing agricultural or farming activities such as propagation or breeding
  • living and working in remote buildings in extreme climates, or 
  • protecting art or archival documents in a museum or gallery.

Our system is predesigned and very fast to build. We can arrange site builds or prefab modules transported to your site. Avoiding thermal bridges is crucial in your controlled environment. Keeping out the external fluctuating weather conditions, as well as pollutants and dust, is a necessity to protect your precious work, or works. Triple glazed windows and fully retractable shading are typical in a Passivhaus, as well as super insulation and and airtight, ventilated environment.

Try Passivhaus if you want a properly designed building using science as your guide and measuring tool.

Let us help you use a German-engineered building system for your controlled environment…

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