SP 5 keys

A lot of people say, what is passive house?  What is the passive house standard?

Then they say, oh, that’s relevant to Germany, not to Australia.

But the 5 keys to a passive house are relevant everywhere!  What are they?

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Interestingly, Australia has an amazing variety of climates.  Here are just a few benefits of the passive house standard in Australia.

Do you live in the Top End?  Do you pay thousands of dollars a year on power keeping cool?  Do you fight condensation and mould from humidity in the air?

If you had a passive house, you could reduce your power bills by up to one tenth!! You could avoid the battle with condensation and mould.

Do you live in Canberra, Tassie or the mountains?  Do you pay thousands of dollars a year on power keeping warm?  Is your home drafty and cold in places, especially next to the windows and doors?

If you had a passive house, you could probably take a ‘zero’ off your power bill.  Reduce it by 90%.  AND stay warm all winter, all through the house.

Do you live in Melbourne?  Are you sick of negotiating with the weather outside?  38 degrees one day, 10 degrees the next.  Cold in summer, warm in winter.  Just can’t keep up with your house temps moving up and down with the weather.

If you had a passive house, you could be at a constant range inside the house all the time.  Without heating and cooling.  Just enjoying your life while your brilliant house design does the rest.

By passive house we mean building.  Apartment block, pod, office, townhouse, stand alone house….

Our Superpod® is relaxing, like a cocoon, tranquil, natural, just right.  (Not my words by the way, these are the unscripted words of our local tradies in country Victoria.)

Like goldilocks, you can have a building that’s just right.  One you don’t have to think about.  – oh, yes, and one that helps to save the planet.

Want to know the 5 keys to a passive house?  You’ve gotta get them covered next time.  Using science to do the secret calculations.

What are the essentials for a nurturing comfortable home?

Here they are…

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If you want to change the way you design, purchase and live in buildings, we can help you. If you want comfort and health instead of mould, drafts, high power bills, being too hot and too cold, we can help. If you want your building to be really sustainable, rather than just tacking on a few solar panels, we can help.

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