Superpod® is based on the International Passive House Standard. Low energy use of the building is the goal every time. Don’t be fooled.  It’s not just for Europe.  Passivhaus means low energy use in any climate.

Passivhaus is taking over the world!

A third of the world’s energy use comes from buildings – buildings which we inhabit – buildings we want to keep comfortable – buildings we heat and cool for our needs. This energy we generate to keep us comfortable runs out the walls through cracks, weak joints, gaps and poorly insulated materials. We have leaky buildings and lose or waste the energy which is supposed to keep us comfortable and help us to function and enjoy life!

Every building we build that’s inefficient locks us in to climate change for decades.

Such waste is not economical. Our carbon footprint is increasing, and our infrastructure demands are costly. And as a result of this waste, our earth is suffering. Our climate is changing, temperatures are rising, ice is melting, and oceans are rising.

Around the world, people are waking up to passivhaus.  It’s the only comprehensive wholistic approach to energy efficient building design.

The centre of Europe, Brussels has mandated passivhaus for all new construction and substantial retrofits from 2015. New York City and South Korea are supporting passivhaus principles through energy efficiency policies.

Let’s not wait for our governments to mandate it. Let’s get more efficient now!

Superpod® can go anywhere – our designs are global. We specifically chose high performing international companies for key components. Superpod® can go big or small: residential single dwellings, granny flats, hospitals and supported accommodation, eco-tourism, high rise apartments, commercial applications.

Why wait for your government to mandate passivhaus? Why sit and wait for industry to do something?

You can make a difference now by building to the passive house standard. And Superpod® can help you get there.