Easy to design, easy to build, great to live in and affordable to run.

Easy to design

The podhouse® is pre-designed.  Our design team knows our Superpod® system which has materials, components and connection methods all worked out in advance. Yes, you can change some windows or doors. Yes, you can face the building a different way, using our pre-assessed, carefully engineered system. You don’t have to re-invent the passive house wheel with Superpod®. We will help you through the process with our team of consultants.

Given the innovative nature of a Superpod® build, we even help to train your local building team, and include Superpod® consultation during the build.

Our core system, your site, your style, passive house design assurance, high quality construction: your podhouse®.

Easy to build

We think this just might be one of the fastest site-built passive houses in the world. Building one is an easy, fast, on-site process. Its speed of construction and minimal trades will surprise you. Such energy performance in such a short time, that’s too easy.

There’s not as much involved in the build, because Superpod® designs use off-the-shelf prefab materials, and a really lean design concept with minimal waste, minimal layers, minimal trades, and minimal time.

Don’t have time to supervise a long building project? Concerned about weather, delays, and cost overruns? Save your time, money and energy by reducing site visits, reducing project management and focusing on the important decisions – like what series to watch!

Great to live in, easy to maintain

You just can’t beat the comfort of walking into a passivhaus.  It makes living so much easier, without constantly seeking to make your house comfortable as it battles the outside temperatures with heating or air-conditioning.

There is no need to plaster or paint the walls of your podhouse® for the building to be finished. And the podhouse® requires much less ongoing maintenance than many conventional houses.

Affordable to run

With Superpod® you get massive cost savings on power, because your house will only use a fraction – as low as 10% – of the energy used by traditional houses.

Are you concerned about your energy use or power bills?

What about the future? Many people are worried about future energy costs. You have no control over what electricity and gas companies will charge. How can you protect yourself from rising power bills?

With Superpod® keeping a cap on your power bills is easy – you just don’t use nearly as much power!

Your power bills will go “through the roof” when your house leaks air, energy, warmth or cold.

Passive houses cost up to 90% less to heat and cool, says the Passivhaus Institute. your podhouse® is well sealed and insulated, instead of leaking like a sieve.

No traditional central heating is required in a passive house. That’s a big saving. And minimal or no aircon is needed!

Less power = less expense. To instal. And to run. That’s easy!